T a u r a s i

DOCG - 2018

production area

San Marco, Montefalcione

Exclusively made from selected Aglianico grapes from the oldest vineyard of the estate.

The intense ruby red color, the persistent fruity aromas, and the strength of its tannins reflect the characteristics of Aglianico from Campotondo Vineyard, one of the few and rare examples of historic vineyards in Irpinia, with its Starseta training system.


Scheda Tecnica

Vineyard: Vigna Campotondo – plots 191 and 191

Vineyard altitude: between 480 and 497 meters above sea level

Vineyard exposition: South

Soil characteristics: clay mixed with sandstone on a limestone skeleton covered by volcanic ash

Harvest: October 20th, 2018

Training system: Spur-pruned Cordon – Irpinian Starseta

Planting distance: 380×380 cm Alcohol content: 13.19% vol.

Total acidity: 6.19 g/L

Total dry extract: 31.2 g/L

Residual sugar: 0.2 g/L

Total sulfur dioxide: 51 mg/L

Vinification process: Destemming, maceration, and alcoholic fermentation carried out in stainless steel at controlled temperature. Malolactic fermentation

Aging: 12 months in oak wood and 12 months in stainless steel before bottling. Bottle aging for at least 24 months


Separate all components and dispose correctly

Glass bottle (GL 71)
Cork (FOR 51)
Aluminium capsule (ALU 41)

Always check regulations of your municipality


Starseta is the ancient vine training system typical of Irpinia. The vines are placed at a distance of about four meters from each other, forming contiguous quadrants. Each corner of the quadrant accommodates up to four vines, whose woody stems rise up to 2 meters in height, supported by wooden posts or fruit trees. The branching canes extend horizontally, intertwining two meters above the ground, supported by wire trellises and fastened with willow ties.

The vineyard work is mainly done by hand with the support of traditional wooden three-legged ladders, as in the past.


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