F i a n o d i A v e l l i n o

DOCG - 2018

Production area

San Marco, Montefalcione

Elegant white wine with great structure and an incredible aging potential. Its straw yellow color evolves over time, becoming more intense. The long aging period allows it to fully develop its organoleptic characteristics starting from 24 months after the harvest.

Floral and fruity aromas with pronounced minerality evolve into notes of toasted and dried fruit over time. On the palate, it is enveloping and savory.

Produced exclusively with selected grapes from the Scillicampana Vineyard.


Technical Sheet

Vineyard: Scillicampana Vineyard, plots 96 – 99 – 240 – 260

Vineyard altitude: between 500 and 512 meters above sea level

Grape variety: 100% Fiano di Avellino

Farming system: Guyot Planting density: 280×150 cm

Vineyard exposure: southwest

Soil characteristics: clay mixed with sandstone on a limestone skeleton covered with volcanic ashes

Harvest: October 6th, 2018

Alcohol content: 14.07% by volume

Total acidity: 5.96 g/l

Total dry extract: 20.1 g/l

Residual sugar: 0.4 g/L

Total sulfur dioxide: 85 mg/l

Winemaking process: Destemming, soft pressing to obtain the “flower must” (maximum 1.6 bar), followed by alcoholic fermentation in stainless steel tanks at controlled temperatures

Aging: 9 months in stainless steel on fine lees and 24 months in bottle

Small reserves still undergoing aging.


Separate all components and dispose correctly

Glass bottle (GL 71)
*Plastic cap (LDPE 4)
Aluminium cap (ALU 41)

Always check regulations of your municipality

*completely recyclable and made from renewable plant-based biopolymers extracted from sugarcane


T h e 1 0 " P " s t o n e

Montefalcione also boasts its own mysterious legend, its own historical enigma. At the center of the enigma is a stone, engraved with the same letter ‘P’ ten times.

The stone was commissioned to be engraved in 1693 by Don Carlo Paoletti, who was the archpriest of Montefalcione at that time. Don Carlo, who had been the subject of gossip in the town, decided to leave all his possessions to anyone who could decipher what he had engraved.

He also set a time limit for anyone who wanted to attempt solving the enigma: three months. However, when the time expired, none of his fellow citizens were able to guess the hidden secret, and thus no one could claim the archpriest’s belongings.

The solution to the mystery of the 10 P’s

Think first, then speak, because words spoken without thought carry wait (or regret)*

*In Italian, all words begin with the letter P


I M i g l i o r i V i n i R i c o n o s c i u t i


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